Sex Doll Torso

Sex Doll Torso 

If you want to enjoy the pleasure of owning a life size sex doll but have space issues at home, our torso sex doll collection may have exactly what you need. At SensualDolls, our real-life torso sex dolls are all carefully hand-picked for you. Our lifelike sex dolls are constructed from the finest medical grade TPE and silicone materials, making them exceptionally durable. Our torso sex dolls are affordable, lightweight, and portable. Both female and male torso sex dolls are available for your pleasure. Pricewise, torso sex dolls are typically cheaper than their full-size counterparts, making them the perfect option for budget conscious consumers.

What is a torso sex doll?

A torso sex doll has the torso portion of a full-size lifelike sex doll, which means it contains the vital parts for your sexual pleasure while freeing you from the extra weight associated with the head and limbs of a full-size sex doll. While differing in height and weight, a doll torso is typically below 1 meter or 3.3 feet in height and weighs about 5 to 20 kilograms or 11 to 44 pounds. A torso sex doll can be as simple as an ass plus vagina, but some may also consist of legs, chest and even a head.

Features of a torso sex doll

Before you proceed with your purchase, we have outlined a list of features that will help you to better understand what you will be getting with your torso sex doll:

  • your toros sex doll will have the look and feel that closely resemble that of a real human being
  • you will experience highly realistic sexual intercourse with your sex doll torso
  • your torso sex doll will be a lot lighter to carry around than full size sex dolls
  • you will find many customized options that come with your torso sex doll, including boob size, hip size, skin color etc.
  • if you love big boobs, you can certainly choose the busty option and enjoy the pleasure of squeezing those big boobs
  • the perfectly shaped ass of your torso sex doll will ensure you have a stunning time with her
  • with no head or limbs attached, your sex doll torso can be very conveniently stored away when you are not in need

Why Should You Buy a Torso Sex Doll?

When compared with a full-size sex doll, a torso sex doll enjoys several distinct advantages including affordability, ease of use and portability. From a pricing standpoint, our torso sex dolls cost a lot less than their full-size counterparts. You have the option of starting out with a torso sex doll and upgrade later to a full-size one. Even if you already own a full size love doll, you can consider adding a torso sex doll to your collection without breaking the bank. Having a lighter weight means that your torso sex doll can be moved around and cleaned with ease, even if you are not a heavy weightlifter. Last but not the least, a torso sex doll can be more conveniently stored away. This can be a critical factor for consideration if you reside in a relatively conservative society where owning a sex doll is taboo. The reduced size of a torso sex doll allows you to hide it away from prying eyes with ease. You can easily stow it away in a closet or even in a suitcase for usage during your business trips.

 How realistic does a torso sex doll feel?

When it comes to intimate encounters, we are all used to the touch and feel of real human skin. That is why our torso sex dolls are all made of high quality, medical grade, life-like materials such as silicone or TPE. When you kiss or touch your torso sex doll, you will feel the softness and warmth of a real human being, making your foreplay a highly realistic experience. You will also enjoy sexual intercourse with your torso sex doll in any one of your favorite positions.

Without any doubt, sex doll torsos are by far much more enjoyable than regular sex toys. Some may even argue that a torso sex doll can replace a real woman when it comes to fulfilling one's sexual needs. When you have sex with your torso dolls, you can enjoy everything that you can get from a real woman without the associated responsibilities and emotional attachment. It has been reported that in some cases, men even leave their female partners to live with a sex doll.

 What is the difference between a TPE and a silicone torso sex doll?

Our torso sex dolls come in two primary materials: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and silicone. TPE is consisted of a mixture of plastic and rubber, making it very soft and stretchable. In fact, TPE can instantly restore its original form even after repeated stretch. Silicone is denser and harder when compared to TPE. It is less flexible and more costly than TPE but at the same time a lot more durable. When you choose a TPE torso sex doll, you will notice its very human-like skin and its boobs jiggle in the same manner real boobs do. In contrast, silicone sex dolls will shake less when you play with their chests or hips.

 How to Take Care of your torso Sex Doll

When you have sexual intercourse with your torso sex doll, it is recommended to use a water-based lube in order to prevent tearing the skin on the vaginal and anal canals. After you finish each time, it is important to thoroughly clean your torso sex doll to maintain her optimal condition. You can use a swab sponge with some antibacterial soap to clean the various cavities of your doll. When you bath your torso sex doll, make sure your only give her a mild shower with lukewarm water. Avoid using any strong detergent or chemicals. When storing your doll, make sure she is safe from any sharp object or high heat.

Where to Get All the Torso Sex Dolls Mentioned Above?

When it comes to buying sex dolls, is your number one choice for high quality and rock bottom pricing. SensualDolls understands how much you connect and feel for our torso sex dolls for sale. We take pride in our top notch service and pay attention to every detail in order to serve all our customers with high end sex dolls from the most reputable doll manufacturers. Each and every torso sex doll is made with the same craftsmanship as its full size doll counterpart. We also strive to provide our customers with industry leading, fast, secure & discreet logistics. If you reside in the United States, we can deliver your purchase within 4-7 days provided that it is in stock in our US based warehouse. With our lowest price guarantee, you will surely enjoy the best quality torso sex dolls without spending a cent more than necessary. Order today!

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