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Has she never pretended to have orgasm?

Has she never pretended to have orgasm?

How much do you know about pretending orgasm? You must know that women sometimes do this kind of thing. You may think that only women will pretend to orgasm, and every time a man can cum, this idea is wrong. A woman pretends to be orgasm to please her companion. You definitely think that your sex partner has never pretended. There is no doubt that you feel that this issue has nothing to do with you. You know how to please your sex partner, your instincts never lie to you, or even you can tell if she has reached a climax. But in fact, you are not sure.

If I were you, I would never be so confident in myself. You may have seen all the signs of her orgasm. Maybe you heard her say hundreds of times: You are the best love partner I have ever seen, but you still can't be too sure that she doesn't have a pretense.

In fact, sometimes pretending to have a climax makes it easy for your sex partner to win self-esteem. In addition, there are many reasons for pretending to be orgasm, some of which may make you crazy.

She doesn't need climax

Some strange reasons to think that women and men do not