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The last indulgence! Light up your single party

The last indulgence! Light up your single party

The wedding season is coming, of course, the peak of the bachelor party! If you happen to be married at this time, you have to seize the chance of the last indulgence of "single squat".

One of the most important things on the party is the light. Maybe you don't have a lot of budget to rent a very good venue, but you can DIY the light you want. Oh, definitely not fooling you.

The party is definitely a dance floor, and it doesn't make sense if there is no disco light ball. So~ You can do it yourself, first prepare a ball, put silver reflective paper around the sphere, and make a rectangular strip of reflective paper, evenly attached to it, so that the light can be created on it. The effect of the light ball.

In addition, if you want a warm effect, then yellow light or candlelight is most effective. You can try to collect the unused aluminum boxes, use the awl to make a few holes on the surface, then put the candle in and light it up, so that a light is on, and the soft light is on the wall. Not very warm! ?

For Chinese parties, eating is definitely a relatively important part. When you are full, you have the strength to start playing! So, the design of the tableware has to be carefully thought out!

Dim sum plate rack

Such a tray of afternoon tea is especially important when it comes to partying. It can save space and can hold different flavors of snacks. It’s two or three in one go. But it takes a lot of money to buy such shelves. You can do it yourself.

First, make the color of the plates and cups to match the color of your party theme. Then, the bottom of the cup is covered with glue and coincides with the center of the bottom of the plate, and the same is placed on the second plate. It should be noted that the size of the plate is different. The upper plate is smaller than the one below, otherwise it is easy to understand that it is out of balance.