Double Ended Dildos

14 Inch Curved Realistic Double Ended Dildo

$39.00 Ex Tax: $39.00

14 Inch Curved Realistic Double Ended  DildoGives you the feel and pleasure of the real thing with 2 ends to please!This realistically molded double dong has 7 curved inches of insertable length on each end ,it is detailed to capture every vein,..

Double Ended Dildo 12"

$33.00 Ex Tax: $33.00

Double Ended Dildo 12"What's better than a big, thick cock banging on your empty entrance? Two cocks, of course! With our soft Double Ended 12 inch dildo, you can try endless mischievous possibilities.This dildo can make your sex life more fun and ex..

Double Ended Dildo 15"

$40.00 Ex Tax: $40.00

Double Ended Dildo 15"The Meaty and Shiny 15 Inch Double Ended Dildo. Made for couple play or a woman’s solo play, this double ended dildo is truly breathtaking!The total length of this double-headed prosthetic is 15 inches. In order to immerse you a..

Double Ended Dildo 19"

$45.00 Ex Tax: $45.00

Double Ended Dildo 19"The girl in the porn magazine looks beautiful fucked with two dicks, one in her ass and the other in her booty. You want the same double fullness, but it's not so easy for two men to indulge you at the same time. Realize your DP..

Double Ended Dildo 6.4"

$35.00 Ex Tax: $35.00

Double Ended Dildo 6.4"A toy for self-indulgence or sharing, this happy wand will never fail your desire in the erotic department.Provide a simulation of the penis head, one at each end, this happy toy in preparation for stimulation and stimulation, ..

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Double Ended Dildos

And what sex toy better represents this concept of "more" than a double-headed dildo?

After all, double-headed dildos are actually built around the concept of "more." It is larger, longer, and often thicker than the average dildo. Instead of having just one penis head, it has two, one at each end. Of course, both ends can be threaded safely and efficiently. Plus, double-headed dildos can be used in so many exciting and wonderful ways.

You can use one yourself. You can use it with a partner. You can train yourself to accept a deeper, more intense insertion experience that rubs your G-spot or prostate perfectly every time. You can practice your oral sex skills. You can use one hand to tickle the clitoris or penis head and the other to jab deep into your most sensitive area. You can try double insertion and feel fuller and more satisfied than before.

You can perform vaginal to vaginal, vaginal to anal, or even anal to anal. You can try a variety of asanas, from hawkish crunches to classic doggy style. You can even use a double-headed dildo as an alternative to a cordless strap-on, dominating the bedroom as you insert your partner.

All in all, if there is sexual content that you want to experience, it is likely to be done with a double-headed dildo. They are an amazing, flexible, and versatile addition to the sex toy collection of anyone who has an affair.

What is a double-headed dildo?

The double-headed dildo, like its name, is a sex toy that has a penis-like protrusion at either end. It differs from the definition of a standard dildo, which has only one head, one end for insertion and the other end for securing the base of the dildo, or in the case of a suction cup dildo, possibly for securing various items in or around the home.

On the other hand, when it comes to double-headed dildos, both heads can be used safely and happily for penetrative play.

Within the broader category of "double-headed dildos," there are many variations. For example, one way they change is their shape. Some double-headed dildos are long and completely vertical. These dildos are for two people to use at the same time, with each person placing one head in a hole in their body.

Others are curved in the middle, forming what is often described as a "crescent" or "U-shaped" shape. While this type of toy can be shared between partners with a little more flexibility and can be used for a lot of experimentation, it is primarily for one person to use during masturbation.

Women can use this toy for both vaginal and anal penetration, or they can alternate rubbing one end of the dildo against their clitoris while using only one of the dildo heads inside themselves. Men can pair anal penetration with stimulation of their penis head, especially if the dildo has a vibrating function at one or both ends.


Regardless of its size, shape or design, a double-headed dildo is a versatile toy which can be used to bring yourself and your partner pleasure in so many different ways. 


If you're going to use a double-headed dildo during your masturbation sessions, you should purchase either a design which comes bent into a U-shape or a flexible design which can be shaped into the configuration you desire. While the long, straight, stiff model of the double-headed dildo can certainly be used in solo situations, you are fairly limited to using it like a standard dildo and penetrating only one of your holes at once.

A U-shaped or flexible dildo, on the other hand, allows you to experiment both with double penetration and with penetrating yourself while stimulating other sensitive parts such as the clitoris or the head or underside of the penis.

Before going all in and shoving the dildo into both of your holes, however, we recommend first taking some time to get used to your new toy. Try a few solo sessions where you focus on one hole over the other. Why is this an important step to include? you're probably asking yourself right about now.

Well, of course, it's to figure out which head feels better where! Many women find that they have a strong preference for one of the heads in their vagina and a different one in the anus, while others have less specific tastes and enjoy switching things up every so often.

You might even find that one head only fits properly in one particular hole, or that one feels excellent rubbing against your clitoris (or cockhead, for men) but doesn't quite do it for you inside. In short, a little experimentation will help you to figure out all the best ways to use your new toy to bring yourself the most pleasure possible.

Solo play with a double-headed dildo can be done in a variety of positions.

You can lie down on your back or stomach and penetrate yourself, you can sit on top of the dildo and ride it, you can get on your hands and knees for some doggy style action, or you can even get busy in front of a mirror so you can watch the two heads thrusting in and out of you as expressions of pleasure and ecstasy form on your face.


It might initially seem like using a double-headed dildo together with your partner offers much fewer options, as it involves two people, two bodies, and potentially two very different sets of holes and preferences for how those holes like to be penetrated. However, we are happy to report that that is absolutely not the truth - there are so many different ways that you and your partner can use a double-headed dildo to bring pleasure to the both of you!

While the "U-shaped" double-header can, with a little flexibility and creative positioning, be used by two people at once, they are more generally designed for solo play and may be a little uncomfortable when multiple players are involved. After all, you want to end your sex sessions feeling pleased and satisfied, not sore and experiencing muscle cramps all over your body, right?

As suggested in the "Solo Play" section above, it is strongly suggested that both partners take a little bit of time to get to know their new toy on their own before any dual-action sessions involving the both of you.

The primary reason for this is that different people have different preferences, and it is important for everyone involved to figure out what they like so that they can get as much pleasure as possible out of the experience.