Www.bachelortreats.com is the latest B2C independent sex toy e-commerce platform. Founded in 2017, there are about a thousand kinds of sex toys in Bachelortreats Mall. Bachelortreats focuses on the mid-to-high-end market. In order to ensure the safety and quality of goods, we choose to establish strategic cooperation with mainstream sex brands at home and abroad.


In order to protect the privacy interests of customers, the outer packaging of the goods does not contain any sensitive words. The express delivery list has no website name and no product name. The express delivery form is marked with the word “gift”, and the courier and other third parties will not know the product.

Because our products are straight from China to overseas. Therefore, the general delivery time is 10-20 working days.

All the products sold by Bachelortreats are sourced from well-known brand companies. The formal channels are authorized by each brand, the perfect supply chain, the formal procurement channels, and the full inspection of the warehouse. All products have passed relevant quality certification.

Bachelortreats creates the perfect service, selects regular products, and ensures that every user can buy peace of mind and use it with confidence.


Became the main brand of American adult products, and expand Europe, the Japanese market, has always been the brand vision of Bachelortreats Mall. To this end, Bachelortreats not only expanded sales on its own platform, but also developed an adult products affiliate program.


Create a harmonious family, enjoy life and enjoy love! Bachelortreats hopes to convey to consumers the new concept of “building a harmonious family, enjoying life and enjoying love!” through its online store. Bachelortreats will introduce more excellent ideas and prefer to use the concept of international market in order to obtain Consumer support, the use of "plain" price strategy, the purpose is to make Bachelortreats solid and smooth maturity. Bachelortreats bravely break through the ordinary, so that everyone who comes here to find happiness can feel "enjoy life, enjoy love" Pleasure. Let every customer who comes to Bachelortreats enjoy the "sex" happiness and happiness, which is the value concept of Bachelortreats Mall.


Introduced to go out: Bachelortreats spent a lot of energy in the early days to introduce foreign brands including Sweden's LELO, Germany's FUN FACTORY, Japan's TENGA, etc., while improving the user's experience, but also to enhance the upgrading of adult products on the website. And hope that Bachelortreats adult products have been continuously optimized and developed. "Leaving more customers with the best service" is also one of Bachelortreats' business philosophy. Because of the special nature of adult products, customers of Bachelortreats Mall need more intimate service, and Bachelortreats Mall strives to be perfect in every aspect of customer purchase.