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How to make love in the water

How to make love in the water

Tired of the traditional place and way of making love? More and more people are pursuing the freshness and excitement of sex, and they are turning their eyes to the outdoors. Field and car shocks come into being. In fact, even at home, you can have a unique sex, that is, making love in the water, and if If you can, it’s okay to have sex in the pool and in the shallow waters of the sea. How do you make love in the water? Love in the water can be divided into underwater sex and love on the water, and then can be subdivided into indoor and outdoor. Here we will introduce some postures in the water to make love, these positions can be adjusted between underwater water, and quickly learn.



Standing is the preferred position for deep water love. Deep water gives you extra pressure on your body and your heart and lungs. It can create a feeling of body suffocation or suffocation. This may help to increase the thrill of the same.

At the same time, the two can be in an open field of vision. The state of this taboo is so exciting. Of course, moving in weightless water is not an easy task. Let her grab his shoulder and jump up to entangle his waist with his legs.

Male seat in the water

This position is easier than the previous one. Of course, the stimulating effect of water has been weakened. It can still bring you the most vivid feeling. At the same time, a comfortable posture may make you unite with nature. Therefore, this is a kind of warm and flexible love position with unlimited love.

This is a variant of the previous position. It is especially suitable for swimming pools. A ladder helps you reach the heavens of bliss. The difference in the above position is that the limbs of both sides may have been in a state of tension.

This can encourage you to stay in a state of excitement. Therefore, it seems very rich and affectionate, and the female's rendezvous to men also makes her noble and charming.

Making love in the water can really bring different fun and excitement. In addition, you can use some waterproof sex toys to tease your female partner and make her more high. Sexual love can get pleasure and climax naturally.