Japanese Sex Dolls

What makes Japanese sex dolls so popular?

Ever wonder why so many realistic sex dolls are Japanese sex dolls? People love exotic experiences. Most customer who buy sex dolls are searching for something they can't get at home, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to find a doll that fulfills their exotic desires. A Japanese sex doll is a dream partner that will satisfy all your sexual desires while adding a little exotic spice into your love life, giving you perfect sex each single and every single time. Japanese women are well known for their obedient temperament, charming manner, innocent smiles and petite sensual figures, all of these details make them highly desirable and irresistible. They are trained in the art of pleasure giving and are eager to show you every naughty carnal lesson. You can conveniently experience a romantic and sexual relationship with a Japanese woman or japanese girls through our realistic lifelike sex dolls collection. Despite the stereotypes out there, Asian sex dolls come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from flat chests to full figure with huge breasts. You can choose your realistic Japanese sex doll with any feature that you desire: plump, thin, big breasted, flat chest or generous wide hips and more.

Japan has a very vibrant pornography industry and likely you have watched some Japanese porn in the past. Our Japanese life size sex dolls can make you feel like you are part of the stage crew in your favorite Japanese porn. There are many well-known Japanese AV stars: Eimi Fukada, Yui Hatano, Arina Hashimoto, Moe Amatsuka, Momo Sakura to name a few. They are beautiful, sexy and gentle. We all dream to have a girlfriend as sexy, beautiful and skilled as the real Japanese AV stars.

Many of us are drawn to the exquisite beauty of Geishas and Japanese women. It could be their flawless skin, gentle expressions and a calm, caring attitude that excites every hot-blooded male. If given a chance. none of us would miss out on dating a gorgeous Japanese beauty. This is precisely why there is an enormous popularity and demand for Japanese sex dolls all over the globe. Whether you're a British, American, German or an Asian, you will fall for the authentic serenity and beauty of these lifelike Japanese sex dolls. Created to look natural, each hair on their head, their mouth, their eyes are all lifelike. Many Japanese sex dolls have large eyes, making them look more like popular characters from Japanese anime and manga. Your experience with a Japanese sex doll will be hyper realistic, thanks to her flexible body with movable joints that you can position as you could with an actual person.

What Can I Do With a Japanese Sex Doll?

Your Japanese real doll can do just about anything that a real woman can do, limited only by your imagination! Your lifelike sex doll has a realistic vagina, supple breasts, a soft mouth and a tight anus, giving you one stop shop of pleasure. She is trained in the art of pleasure and eager to please you to mind-blowing proportion. Every erotic inch of her body has been sculpted for your pleasure: soft, lifelike skin that feels sensational, innocent & exotic eyes that beg you to go deeper, harder, and faster, a pliable mouth and petal lips that close so perfectly tight around your shaft. Your best Japanese sex dolls have been waiting for you to dominate her body and she isn't afraid to let you take on every love hole: even the "cherry blossom" in her tight little ass. We have outlined below a few specific fetishes that you can indulge in with your Japanese sex doll:

  • Cute Anime Girls: Is it the buxom babe of Hentai or the school uniform wearing student? The slim Japanese girl with pale skin or the voluptuous woman with her huge breasts and luscious lips? Whatever you want, we have it. Lovers of Japanese manga will no doubt go crazy for hentai sex dolls and anime sex dolls that give them an opportunity to live out their wildest fantasies. With some sex cosplay outfits, you can turn your Japanese sex doll into your favorite anime chick, letting you live out all of your waifu fantasies. Whether she's a schoolgirl, a succubus or a hentai babe ready for some tentacle action, you'll be living an otaku's dream.
  • Beautiful Geisha: For those of you who enjoy a more traditional style of love, you will love having your own personal Geisha in the bedroom complete with kimono or yukata.  A classical element of Japanese culture, a Geisha is a mysterious and ethereal beauty with unparalleled sex appeal. When you add some ruby red lips and a stylish kimono to their porcelain skin, Japanese love dolls can become Geishas ready to follow your every wish — and introduce you to the finer things in life.

What materials are Japanese Sex Dolls made of?

Our Japanese real sex dolls are made with premium medical grade TPE or silicone materials, enabling them to retain their attractive shapes for many years. All dolls have metal skeleton with flexible joints, allowing you to pose her in your favorite sexual position and have your way in any position that pleases you. While both materials are engineered to feel like a real Japanese woman, TPE sex dolls are becoming more popular due to TPE's ease of sculpting. On the other hand, silicone as a material is easier to clean and can be heated for a longer period of time without getting damaged. Most of our silicone dolls have supplementary heating systems to optimize your sexual experience. Both TPE and silicone dolls are waterproof. 


  • real person looks and feels
  • hypoallergenic.
  • cheaper than silicone but still high quality
  • very durable
  • very porous, retains moisture if not properly dried, can lead to the build-up of molds and bacteria
  • can become sticky after washing, fixable using baby powder
  • sensitive to heat making it difficult to sterilize


  • easier to cleanse and sterilize 
  • hypoallergenic.
  • reduced sensitivity to heat
  • superior structural integrity, able to resist heavy weight and high pressure
  • non-porous and feels super smooth to the touch
  • more durable than TPE
  • more solid than TPE
  • a Japanese silicone sex doll is more expensive than its TPE counterpart

What are the customization options available for Japanese Sex Dolls?

If you are unsure of any of our pre-configured Japanese sex dolls or want your dolls to be 100% tailored to your needs, you can always choose to customize using every individual doll page's tailoring features. Some basic free customization options include choosing your doll's wig style, breast types, nipples, body skin tone and head type. You can also order additional hot swappable doll heads for variety's sake. This is a cost effective option if you want to enjoy the company of two or more different dolls without breaking the bank. Our premium customization options enable you to select the type of vagina, doll feet, hair color and even toenail color of your adult dolls. There is also an option of insertable vaginas for the extra hygienic types.

First, you start the build-a-sex-doll process by picking out the material you want it to be made of. You can choose a lightweight cloth doll that can double as a body pillow, a soft plastic doll with detachable limbs (if you’re secretly into that), or you can choose silky silicone skin with titanium bones and bendable joints, for a flexible yoga instructor doll. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Next, you get to choose your favorite out of ten different faces for your new lady friend, and pick out her hairstyle, including how much or how little hair you want her to have. You like long, thick hair? You got it, my friend. Prefer a bald chick? That’s cool too. You can also give your Love Doll itsy bitsy A-cup titties, big, buxom DD’s, or any size in between. It’s literally your dream girl, just inanimate!

You can also opt for your Love Doll to have bendable fingers, making her capable of more complex poses, perfect for any time you crave a stationary handjob, or want her to flip you off as you argue with her over why she refuses to communicate with you.

Browse our Japanese sex doll collection, from elegant, willowy geisha girls that will do anything to please you sexually, to shy, big-breasted university students that need your erotic teaching to feel like a real woman. Each Japanese silicone sex doll has been crafted just for you - you'll be able to choose features like her hair color and eye color, as well as her more intimate features to ensure complete pleasure between the sheets. After your first experience, you'll agree: your new Japanese lover is everything you've ever dreamed of in an exotic sex companion. It's time to give yourself the sexual satisfaction you deserve at the soft, pliable embrace of your new bedroom companion.

As a bonus feature, SensualDolls has decided that you should have the honor of being able to milk your Love Doll. Yes, you read that correctly. You can literally milk your Love Doll by twiddling its nipples and squeezing its boobs as it stares blankly into the void. 

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