G spot vibrato

Wireless g spot vibrato has not been around for a long time. It is a further improvement based on the function of wired g spot vibrator. Compared with the g spot vibrator, many people will intuitively feel that there should be a line for wired. The g spot vibrator should have no wires. The wireless ones also have a short cable. After use, you can pull the g spot vibrator from the vagina or anus, otherwise, it may get stuck inside.

So is g spot vibrator easy to use?

Compared with the wired g spot vibrator, the advantage of the g spot vibrator is that in theory, as long as the wireless g spot vibrator can be used. However, considering the problem of volume, it is best to choose light, portable, not easy to find, and high concealment. And g spot vibrator, as an upgraded version of wired g spot vibrator, has added a lot of functions, can play our favorite music when we are masturbating, can use the mobile phone Bluetooth to select the mode, wireless control. Many people have this misunderstanding. They think that a g spot vibrator is a tool for stimulating the clitoris. It is wrong. The small vibrating egg can not only stimulate the female clitoris. In this way, all-female incisive parts can be used for it. Perform stimulation, massage, and soothe. It is best not to directly stimulate the most sensitive parts of women at first, because many women are slow-heating, and it may not be able to stand the stimulation of the clitoris, especially for girls without more sexual experience. If you do not make it, the girl will have an antipathy to this strange thing. You can first kiss and rub it with a g spot vibrator to stimulate the ears, lips, neck, nipples, etc., depending on the other party ’s reaction. If the reaction is strong, you can extend the stimulation, And then extend to the lower body in turn. As a female masturbator, what people care most about is, of course, how their experience of sex is.

How about the g spot vibrator?

The reason g spot vibrator works is that it can be stimulated by high-speed vibrations. Women's clitoris orgasms are easier and faster than vaginal orgasms. And in the process of masturbating with a g spot vibrator, the effect of blood circulation can be achieved. It's also a good way to help you sleep in the cold. We often hear girls complaining that g spot vibrator is not easy to use, and boys also come to tell their girls that using g spot vibrator has not responded. But g spot vibrator is one of the essential toys for women to reach orgasm. Why do some girls feel bad to use it? If g spot vibrator is directly put into the g spot vibrator before it is stimulated, usually as these girls say, there is only vibration, but no refreshing feeling. The g spot vibrator can be placed next to sensitive parts in the device, which drives the nearby area, especially the vagina, to make high-frequency vibrations up to about 10,000 times per minute, which can strongly stimulate your "baby"; Also, this g spot vibrator can also be taken Come out and use it as an ideal sex toy alone, which can directly stimulate your sensitive parts and serve both purposes. How about the g spot vibrator?