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Masturbators stroker Sex Toys Penis Pussy Sex Toys For Men Sex Toys Adult Masturbation

Masturbators stroker Sex Toys Penis Pussy Sex Toys For Men Sex Toys Adult Masturbation

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Length: 2.8 inches (70 mm)

Width: 2.8 inches (70 mm)

Height: 5.3 inches (135 mm)

Weight: 300g (0.7 lbs)

Packing size: 3.3 * 3 * 5.9 inches (85 * 75 * 150 mm)

Package weight: 330g (0.7 lbs)

Packing Language: English

Project material: TPE

Color: flesh


Start a new journey in a new world!

Pinch its waist and follow the wonderful feeling, so you can reach the peak of stimulation. No one will notice it as a smooth and stylish design of a sex toy - white tube.


• Increase the stimulation of the ribbed tunnel

• Open design for easy cleaning

• Better grip, suitable for the size of your hands, comfortable • Soft and realistic materials to gain more life experience

• Use water-based lubricants and pipes

• More lasting erections are men's/couples' sex products


This stroking person has a lifelike food, its plump juicy lips open to suck your dick! A classic masturbation and a better look bring a lot of self-pleasantness. 2.8-inch long and 2.8-inch wide TPE material with a tight tube shaft inside to help you get the deepest orgasm! Real material is perfect for general tunnels with wonderful stimuli, male sex toys feel and behave like The real skin feels more natural, giving the man all the fun to periodically stroke without worrying about tearing it after use.

This toy is easy to hold in your hand, it's an open design that's easy to clean, you can squeeze it until the strong ribbed interior grabs the strength you want. Just close the other end and create the most exciting sucking sensation in your oral sex adventure.

Just add some water-based lubricant to this super masturbation device! Remember to clean your toucher Once you get your new toy, rinse it with water before using it for the first time. Wash with warm soapy water after each use. Dry the sex toy and gently place it with a special refreshing powder or cornstarch. Recommend this male toy, which can be enjoyed by men themselves, or for couples to use before the foreplay.

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