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Ten sexual fantasies of women

The illusion associated with sexual desire exists in your subconscious mind, infiltrates into each of your sweat holes, and can involuntarily provoke your sense of the original desire and the organs of the flesh. Women, especially those who are considered to be erotic, often brew "sexual fantasy" wines in their minds, intentionally or unconsciously, to prepare for the next sex with men. Women who have rich sexual fantasies are women who are easily swayed. The so-called sexy is not only the appearance of flattery, but also the ability of the mind to have sexual fantasies. In fact, the definition of sexy women and sexy men is the same. One truth is that people who lack sexual fantasies are people who are boring and lacking in taste. Sexual fantasy and pornography are two different things. It is not obvious that all fantasy will be interpreted into reality. This is the advantage of fantasy. Sexologists point out that it is difficult to achieve the climax of pleasure if there is no sexual fantasies at the time of both sexes.

    1. Sexual fantasy about real partners

    Women, like men, first use their real sex partner as the object of sexual fantasies, fantasizing and making love in bed in a way that they can imagine. The reason is simple, in addition to the emotional factors, but also because the various sexual fantasies are most likely to be realized only in the physical body at your fingertips. It turns out that this kind of sexual fantasies is usually easier to stimulate the pleasure of making love between lovers, and they are not tired of each other.

    2. Fantasy makes love with another man

    For women, they usually fantasize with old lovers. After many women have such thoughts, they suspect that they are sexually indifferent or have a feeling of guilt about each other. Therefore, once they have developed this "insincere" idea, they will begin to blame themselves and restrain themselves. The results of the psychological questionnaire show that almost all women have had this experience of "fantasy" about old lovers even more and more when they have sex with the most ecstasy men.

    The type of fantasy and another man's sex is: the imaginary object is usually the kind of "possibly, but not" man, either for moral reasons or other unfortunate reasons (like disability, AIDS, or geography) The distant and unrealizable relationship. Of course, women should dispel the idea of ​​"making love with all the men they like," but the "non-partitioning" of a moment does not mean deception or sexual indifference to a partner.

    There is another type of fantasy that is made by men who are "out of reach". They are usually public celebrities. This is because of a "star worship" mentality, common with girls and young women. There is also a type of fantasy object called "general objects", such as the muscles of the strong penis, the savage criminals, or the childish juveniles. These fantasy objects are more likely to evoke women's sexual desires than ordinary people.

    3. Fantasy and another woman making love

    Compared with men, there are more girls who have fantasies and same-sex relationships. The reason may be that women are more likely to be accepted by society than men, and fewer people worry that they will become gay. Fantasy objects are usually strange women, but they can accurately imagine what will happen between the two.

    4. Fantasy love new law

    This will also cause many "good girls" to produce "unfair" guilt, or fear of male companions or unreasonable suspicions. But they all know that even if they only interpret in their minds, the pleasure they get will be similar to the real love. For those who are open-minded and free-spirited, they all like to sink in fantasy, but the expectation of authenticity experience after the illusion is weakened. In this kind of fantasy, including "sweet three-person love", venting sexual desire for the sole purpose of group sex and voyeurism. The most common illusion is to let go of the public. This is not only to stimulate the partner's sexual desire, but to satisfy myself.

    5. Man's fantasy for his oral sex

    For many women, oral sex - I am afraid it is the most common and most stimulating (and even unique for some people) indulgence, so it is not difficult to understand that oral sex is for almost all women. It is a common way of fantasy. The man in a woman's fantasy must be a strong, handsome, tall, sexy man. He not only meets her special desires by means of oral sex, but also shows the enthusiasm of the man. Mouth kinky, a slave who desires her desire... a sudden heartbeat, a rapid breath, a muscle tension... a man applies honey, ice cream, strawberries, cream or flowers to a woman... but, unfortunately, absolutely Most women can only leave this desire in their sexual dreams.

    6. Romantic sexual fantasy

    Almost all women will not hesitate to admit this, because this is the most easily accepted and easily evoked in all kinds of "sexual fantasy." If a woman says this: "I dreamed that I was having sex with a handsome boy on the tropical sunshore," it would be more feminine than saying "dreaming for a strong police blowjob." Implied women dream more about the beaches, mountains, castles, manors, in the shade, on the boat, in the sun or in the moonlight... the scenes are different, the language of expression is different, but in a large number of questionnaires Almost no woman denied that she had had such romantic romance.

    7. Sexual fantasies that are "violent"

    There are many women who have fantasized about being “safely” raped. Perhaps this will make some people feel funny, incredible, or too far from reality. In the mind, the woman who conceived of being raped is only concentrated in the form of sexual intercourse, forced, fierce, and fierce... For "good girls," they rarely imagine the physical pain of being "violent." In fact, this "violent fantasy" is far removed from the criminal "rape" of the real. That is to say, the sexual violence of fantasy is nothing more than a woman who dreams of being like a cute doll, and the man who is willing to play is “gamely”, and does not contain the meaning of real violence.

    At the other extreme, some women tend to fantasize about being raped by “rude men.” The relationship between her and the man in her vision is often imagined as indifferent to court decisions or commercial negotiations. The reason why such an illusion is tempting is that such a fantasy way makes it easier for women to feel the "real existence" of the fantasy object.

    8. Fantasy that makes men obsessed

    Almost all women will imagine that they are a beautiful, slender, sexy and charming woman. I am imagining that a large group of men are complimenting and diligent around themselves, while they "control themselves" and "control men" The situation, always "gift" a good man close... This fantasy is too common, because no woman wants to have as many men as possible to fall under her skirt?

    9. Fantasy fantasy

    This is a kind of "sexual fantasy" that is very embarrassing. Most women are ashamed of their sexuality. Sexual fantasies about "making love for money" can help them to dispel this "social" shame and inspire themselves in their dreams. The true sexual desire in the subconscious. What is the reason for this, because "obligatory sex" contains more emotional and moral factors, which is more or less concealed or suppressed for "original desire", if the man is If you spend money on sex trading, then women can be temporarily relieved from this kind of "spiritual bondage". There is also a reason that men paying will inevitably pick beautiful, sexy and strong sexual ability. Women, indicating that their charm is so great that men are willing to pay to make love with them; there is also a reason that women can arouse their sense of crime to some extent through this kind of imagination. The normal state of mind can excite their flesh, stimulate their sexual ability, and also satisfy their "sexual violence" mentality.

    10. Sexual fantasy about a strange man

    In real life, this kind of sex is rarely successful. However, the scene in this fantasy will inspire a woman's strong passion. Usually, for many women, the reality, repetitive, single-objective sex is boring and lacking in new ideas, while the imagination of strange men increases the meaning of “pure sexual desire”, and their imaginations are It is "a man without a face", the man attacks her from behind, she can't see it only. Mystery is the value of this fantasy.