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Weed Party

Cannabis Leaf Weed Leaf Men's Titanium Steel Vintage Ring For Weed Party Cannabis Leaf Weed Leaf Men's Titanium Steel Vintage Ring For Weed Party

Cannabis Leaf Weed Leaf Men's Titanium Steel Vintage Ring For Weed Party

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SizeDiameter(mm)Circumference(mm)717.3054.5818.1057.0918.9059.51019.8062.01120.6064.51221.4067.51322.3070.01423.1073.0Material: high quality 316L stainless steelFeatures: High polished finish Comfortable & 100% does not turn into finger greenSpecial..

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Do you know the etiquette of smoking weed?

After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, some people will host a weed party in their own home as a host, or as a guest to participate in a weed party hosted by others. So what rules and etiquette should you pay attention to for the owner and guests of the weed party?

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reporter Aidan Geary asked three experts to provide suggestions.

How to share weed

Joel Carleton, an expert on cannabis research at Colorado's Trichome Institute, points out that the way to smoke weed at a weed party is to share a weed cigarette with several people; in this case, the way to share is to take a single breath, take another breath, and then pass it on. Next person.

Matt Ryan, vice president of Meta Cannabis Supply Co., is suggesting to share weed cigarettes. When someone gives you a good weed cigarette at a weed party, it usually means sharing it with several people, not just one. When you smoke weed, don't let the weed cigarettes get too much into your mouth, make your mouth drench, how can you let others smoke?

In addition, when sharing a weed cigarette with several people at a weed party, it is generally passed to the left. Of course, it is not impossible to pass to the right. The key is to have unity. Don’t pass left for a while and turn right for a while.

If you have a cold, you should tell others that you can't smoke a cannabis cigarette with others.

Andrew gay man, president of the Butler School in Toronto, Canada, points out that the main principle of using weed at parties is to respect others, whether it is the owner or the guest.

Respect others

If you want to bring some weed to the weed party as a guest, it is best to ask if the owner of the weed party can bring weed, because the owner of the weed party will know more about whether there is a guest who is disgusted with weed and whether there will be children present.

Even if the owner of the weed party agrees that the guest is taking weed, the guest should first seek the advice of the owner before smoking weed, and it is more appropriate to smoke weed. You can't influence the relationship between the owner and other weed party guests because of the weed, or the negative influence of the relationship between the owner and the neighbor.

Even if all the parties are smoking weed, guests should clearly mark the type of weed and the content and concentration of THC and CBD to make it safe for others to make safe choices.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to bring a description of the THC and CBD ingredients on the cannabis package under federal regulations.

Utensils and photos

If you are the owner of a weed party, you should have a set of hemp utensils for everyone to use. You can't put a set of dirty utensils on it. This aspect should be better than high-end and not low-end, just like a good set of cutlery and wine can add color to the dinner weed party.

The owner should also let the guests know if they can take photos. Regardless of whether or not the guest is involved in smoking weed, many people will resent or resolutely oppose their appearance in a photo or video of the weed party.

Master's responsibility

Experts pointed out that although weed has been legalized in Canada, the photos and videos appearing in weed will still have a negative impact on finding jobs in certain areas, and will still affect the public image and design of some people.

The last point is that the weed party owner should ensure that guests do not drive for a short period of time after smoking weed, because it is neither safe nor will it allow guests to violate the ban on drug driving because of driving weed.